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Client : Krafton, Inc.
Launch Date : June 2021

Chief Executive Producer. Crisis Wi
Executive Producer. Stein Won
Chief Tech Producer. Tommy Lee
Chief Business Producer. Eddy Yoon

Project Managing Director. Lewis Yim
Project and Stage Producer. Johnny Choi
League Operation Manager. James Jang
Strategy & Operation Manager. Dan Yoo

Production Director. Sun Kim, Alisha Park, Andy Kim
Assistant Director. George Park, Nova Kim
Floor Director. Tiguan Kim, Luka Nam
Tech Producer. Kaz Lee

Art Director. Jack Park
VA Project Manager. Gil
OAP Producer. YongSeok Choi, HyungRok Min
Virtual Graphics Artist. ChaeHyoung Lim, JiHye Jung, SeungJoo Soung
2D Artist. Wendy Kim, Sunyong Kwon, Aram Jeong, Jonghua Yang
3D Artist. Sunghwan Bae, Jonghua Yang


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