2020 Brawl Stars Brawl Ball Cup Season 1은 5월 2일부터 6월 6일까지 총 6주간 SUPERCELL이 주최하고 바나나컬쳐가 주관한 대회입니다. 온라인 예선을 거친 8개 팀이 라이젠 이스포츠 아레나에서 경기를 펼쳤고, 이후 브롤볼컵 대회를 위한 성공적인 기반을 마련했다는 평가를 받았습니다.
2020 Brawl Stars Brawl Ball Cup Season1 is hosted by SUPERCELL and organized by Banana Culture for a total of 6 weeks from May 2nd to June 6th. Eight teams whom qualified through the online qualifiers played at the Ryzen eSports Arena and it laid the foundation for a successful Brawl Ball Cup competition hereafter.
Launch Date : May, 2020

Chief Executive Producer. Crisis Wi
Executive Producer. Stein Won
Chief Tech Producer. Tommy Lee
Chief Biz Producer. Hyun Lee, Jun Li, Cao Di, Eddy Yoon
Production Manager. Johnny Choi
Production Director. Tiguan Kim, Alisha Park, Andy Kim
League Ops. Kaz Lee, James Jang, Mark Kim, Lewis Yim

Art director. Park Jae Gwan
OAP Producer. Choi Yong Seok, Min Hyung Rok, Yoon So Hyun
2D Artist. Kim Jung Eun, Kwon Sun Yong, Aram Jeong
3D Artist. Kim Sue Ha

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