PUBG Continental Series 1 (이하 “PCS1”)은 PUBG의 첫 공식 글로벌 리그로서 KRAFTON이 주최하고 바나나컬쳐가 APAC 및 ASIA 글로벌 피드 제작을 담당하였습니다. 아시아 및 동남아 각 16개 팀이 지역별로 나뉘어 6월 25일부터 7월 5일까지 진행되었습니다. 코로나19 팬데믹 상황에서 완벽한 방역과 제작 퀄리티를 통해 펍지 글로벌 대회를 온라인으로 제작하는 기반을 공고히 하였다는 평가를 받았습니다.
PUBG Contiental Series 1 (PCS1) is the first standardized regional league that KRAFTON organized for each APAC, Asia, Europe and America region and Banana Culture was the main production for APAC and Asia feeds. Both regional competition took place from June 25 to July 5 each having 16 regional teams. Despite COVID-19 pandemics, it is evaluated to initiative effort in constructing a firm basis to have safe preventive measures and to produce solid online gaming tournament.
Client : Krafton, Inc.
Launch Date : June 2020

Chief Executive Producer. Crisis Wi
Executive Producer. Stein Won
Chief Tech Producer. Tommy Lee
Chief Biz Producer. Hyun Lee, Jun Li, Cao Di, Eddy Yoon
Production Manager. Johnny Choi
League Ops. Lewis Yim, Mark Kim, James Jang
Production Director. Sun Kim, Andy Kim, Dan Yoo

Tech Producer : Kaz Lee

Art Director. Jung Hyun Kak
VA Project Manager. Gil soo
OAP Producer. Choi Yong Seok, Min Hyung Rok
2D Artist. Hong Yun Kyung, Shin Dong Hyuk
3D Artist. Kwon Young Ju

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